About the distribution and manufacturers

The equipment you see here reduces costs for nonproduction machining.  It enables skilled machinists to produce more work, and it allows less-skilled machinists to do more complicated work.  People are expensive, and these products make people more valuable by reducing the unproductive time they spend on manual set-ups and handle-cranking.    

Southwestern Industries, Inc.  (SWI) has been manufacturing productivity equipment for shops since introducing the Trav-A-Dial in 1963.  SWI revolutionized toolroom milling when introducing the ProtoTRAK in 1985.  There are over ten thousand ProtoTRAKs in use now.  The TRAK A.G.E. is fourth generation of products based on the ProtoTRAK idea.  People need technology that starts with people as they are and makes them better in important ways.  SWI does nothing but design, manufacture, sell, and support productivity equipment for your application.  Petty-Thompson Engineering, Inc. serves as an exclusive, full line distributor of Southwestern Industries.  The service and sales region of Petty-Thompson includes east Tennessee [east of the TN river] and southern Kentucky [zip codes 42___].  More than any other company, we offer you the expertise that translates into inexpensive turn-key solutions for your shop.  

Would you like to experience this equipment first hand? Petty-Thompson will gladly bring this equipment to your door.  We will provide an on-site demonstration to personally answer any questions you may have about our machines, training, and service policies.  If interested in learning more, contact us at 270-887-9400.

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