Used CNC Knee Mill Retrofit - A.G.E.


Shops that make parts in small quantities have a unique problem.  For most of these jobs, a "full-blown" CNC is not useful because the required programming and set-up takes longer than making the part on a manual machine.  At the same time, making parts on a manual machine is not very productive since it requires time-consuming set-ups and repetitive positioning - low value tasks for some of the most expensive people in your shop!
The TRAK A.G.E. is the solution to this problem.  It makes skilled people more valuable by making them more productive.

Used TRAK A.G.E. - what makes it the best possible CNC for small lot milling:

  • CAPABLE - it has the capability to machine arcs, diagonals, and pockets like sophisticated CNCs, eliminating the manual set-ups of rotary tables and sine plates.  Interface with off-line CAD/CAM systems enables you to run the most complicated parts.
  • FLEXIBLE - easy transition between manual and two or three-axis CNC operation as required by the task at hand.  The machinist is never stuck with doing things the "CNC way" if manual is better.
  • EASY TO USE - made for machinists to use on the shop floor without the extensive set-ups required of a production-oriented CNC.  Even a simple task like drilling holes is done quicker by eliminating the repetitive hand cranking between locations.  
  • The AUTO GEOMETRY ENGINE - embeds CAD capability in part programming, making programming easy by eliminating the need to calculate print dimensions.  

The TRAK A.G.E. 2 is a CNC package designed for milling parts in small quantities.  It is a complete retrofit system for a manual milling machine.

All the capability you need in a system that is easy to learn and use.
Power enough for any cut within the machine's capabilities.
DRO encoders on the table and saddle work with motor encoders to provide the CNC with complete feedback of motor motion and actual machine position.
Installed in the table and saddle to eliminate backlash and provide smooth, long lasting operation.
Including pendant arm, E-stop switch, handles, brackets, bearings, nuts, bolts and cable ties.

The TRAK A.G.E. 3 may be used as either a three-axis CNC or a two-axis CNC, a simple control selection loads in the capability you want.

Including motor, encoder and ballscrew is installed on the head.  This assembly drives the machine's quill when operating as a three-axis CNC.  The motor is easily disengaged in order to operate the system as a two-axis CNC or manually with DRO.


For the shop floor, Geometry-based programming is vastly superior to old-fashioned Tool Path programming.  But however convenient the programming system, incomplete print data still can present the chore of calculating points - unless you have the Auto Geometry Engine.  The Auto Geometry Engine is powerful  software that works behind the easy-to-use Geometry-based programming of the TRAK A.G.E. Control, and it is called up when needed by pressing "A.G.E. PROFILE" at the SELECT EVENT prompt.  With the Auto Geometry Engine you program the successive mill and arc events that make up the part profile by entering only the dimensions that are available on the print.  The Auto Geometry Engine will do the calculations for you, not as a separate operation, but WHILE YOU PROGRAM.


Thousands of shops have already discovered the value of the investment in this technology.  They use their TRAK controls for the applications shown here:

Used TRAK A.G.E. 2
ideal for lots of 1 to 10, where the constant attention of the machinist is required

  • TOOLING, FIXTURES - where there is a lot of machinist input in the design of the part.
  • MOLDS, DIES, EDM ELECTRODES - problem solving is required during machining.
  • PROTOTYPES, MODELS - changes and modifications are anticipated.
  • MAINTENANCE, REPAIR - often with no part drawings or incomplete part specs.
  • SPECIAL MATERIALS, INVESTMENT MOLDS - constant attention is required.

Used TRAK A.G.E. 3
useful for lots of 10  and up, where the additional setup and programming of the Z axis is worthwhile.

  • LIGHT PRODUCTION - skilled input at first, part changing by less expensive personnel later.
  • SMALL LOTS, SECOND OPERATIONS - jobs that are marginal for an expensive machining center.
  • SOME MOLD MAKING - complex Z contouring.
  • REPEAT JOBS - for JIT inventories.
  • HOLE DRILLING, MULTIPLE PASSES - repetitive operations that can run partially attended.


Posn/Drill - single point
Bolt Hole - series of points evenly spaced around a circle
Mill - straight line in any direction
Arc - any portion of a circle
A.G.E. Profile - series of connected lines and arcs defined with limited print data
Pocket - a rectangle, polygon, circle or irregular shape and all the material inside, includes finish cut
Frame - a perimeter of a rectangle or circle, includes finish cut
Sub - repeat of programmed events with or without offset, mirror image or rotation

Drill and Bore routines
Helix - for threading


Auto Geometry Engine makes calculations for you while you program.
Diameter Cutter Compensation allows programming of the actual part rather than the center of the tool path.
Circular Interpolation makes arcs and any size hole easy to do with standard tools.
Linear Interpolation to machine diagonals at any angle.
Conrad provides automatic corner radius programming for inside or outside corners with one data input.
Incremental and Absolute programming can even be mixed within a single event.
Error Messages to identify programming mistakes.
Fault Messages for system self-diagnostics.
Program Down loading from offline CAD/CAM systems.
Teach to program manual position and mill moves.
Mirror Image and Rotation of programmed events.
Software Programmable keys for uncomplicated procedures.
Part Graphics displayed before machining or during program run (real time).
Look a single button press to view graphics during programming.
Math Help for finding points in prompted format with graphical representation of prompts.
Convenient Edit function for recalling and revising program data, adding and deleting events.
Tool Stepover adjustable for pocket routines.
Scaling of print data.

FOR THE Used A.G.E. 3, ADD:

3-Axis circular Interpolation;
3D Graphics to show tool path.
Easy Transition between 2 and 3 axis control.
Tool Length Offsets.
Optional DNC software for running 3-axis CAM files.


Simple Installation in your shop and on your mill.
Machine Tool Error Compensation on all axes by calibrating measurements after installation.
Digital Servo Amplifiers custom designed for TRAK A.G.E. operation.
D.C. Sero Motors rated at 280 in-oz. continuous torque are twice that required.
Precision Ground Ballscrews in the table and saddles ensure smooth accurate contours without backlash.
without backlash.
Closed-Loop Feedback utilizing TRAK Sensors with .0002" underlying resolution.
Modular Design simplifies service and maximizes uptime.
115V-60Hz - 15 amps.
Feedrate Override of programmed feedrate and rapid.
Polycarbonate Sealed Membrane Keypad and Gasket sealed Control Enclosures to lock out contamination.
9" CRT for clear presentation of prompts, status information and part graphics.
Dual Floppy Disk Drive with one drive accessible for additional part program storage.
RS232 Port for Interface with computers.


Z-Axis Ballscrew and Motor Assembly allows manual as well as CNC operation
Optional Auxiliary Function Box for control of spray mist coolant, spindle off, a 110 AC outlet and a programmable rotary table or indexer.

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