Used CNC Toolroom Lathes


The TRAK TRL combines the flexibility and simplicity of manual machining with essential capabilities of sophisticated CNC's.  

With the TRAK TRL, you can choose the correct capability for the job at hand.  You are able to move freely between conventional turning and CNC operation.  Manual set-ups and tooling for contours, chamfers, threading, etc. are eliminated.  The ProtoTRAK control is designed to eliminate the complications and set-ups required to use a production-oriented control.

Used TRAK TRL 1840 CSS

* 18" swing x 40 " travel * 10 HP spindle motor
* Infinite variable spindle speed * Constant Surface Speed (CSS)
* Feedrate is programable in Inches per Revolution (IPR) or Inches per Minute (IPM)

The TRAK TRL 1840 CSS gives you flexibility and simplicity on a CNC lathe useful for production as well as toolroom applications.

Features such as Constant Surface Speed, generous cross slide travel and sliding protective door make this model ideal for low production. At the same time, the TRAK TRL 1840 CSS is designed to be easy to use manually for making tooling, prototypes and other parts needed in very small quantities.


A Unique Combination of CNC Technology and Manual Flexibility That Makes Every Turning Job Easier...

...Easier to use manually than a conventional lathe, even for basic facing and grooving.

  • Servo jog controlled by jog switch.
  • Tool data is applied to manual operations to eliminate the need to set references every time a tool is changed.
  • Go To - a simple input sets a dimension in X, Z or both.  You can then machine manually and the control will not let you go past the Go To dimension you set, but will allow you to forget about watching the DRO for your dimension.
  • Convenient Powerfeed routines for smooth cuts along X or Z.
  • Spindle speed selection and tool changes are the same as for a manual machine.

...A lot easier than a conversational lathe for more complicated turning work.

  • Canned cycles for:  drilling, turning, threading, boring, contouring, roughing
  • Reduced manual set-ups.
  • No need for special attachments and tooling.

...Easier than any other CNC to understand and program.

  • All your system interface is in plain language - no codes of any kind.
  • Geometry-based part programming - more natural than the tool-path programming of other CNC's.
  • Cycle - a powerful routine where you enter your part geometry and the size of your material and the roughing and finishing tool paths are generated for you.
  • Tool compensation is easy and is automatically applied - no need to turn it on and off.
  • Prompted data inputs - eliminates errors and enhances confidence.
  • All functions are organized into modes to eliminate the need to memorize "computer" procedures.
  • Clear, consistent screen organization eliminates confusion because you don't have to search the screen for the information or prompts you need.

...Easier to use as a CNC.

  • Program Run like a CNC, with prompts provided for tool changes, etc.
  • Screen graphics let you see your part before you machine.
  • Easy tool offset modifications to "sneak up" on critical dimensions.
  • TRAKing - at the press of a button during the CNC program run, you control the feedrate for your program by turning the handwheel - speed up, slow down,   back away, make multiple passes, whatever you see fit - you are in control, not the CNC.


Slip Clutches on X and Z to prevent damage from crashes.  
Digital Servo Amplifiers custom designed for LX2 operation.
115 volt / 1 phrase / 60 Hz; 8 amps full load current.
Closed Loop Feedback with encoder resolutions of 0.00005" on the X and 0.0001" on the Z.
Rapid Travels are 100 ipm for X and 150 ipm for Z.
Ground Ballscrews in the saddle and cross slide for smooth, accurate contours without backlash.
Modular Design simplifies service and maximizes uptime.
Feedrate Override of programmed feedrate and rapid.
Polycarbonate Sealed Membrane Keypad and Gasket-Sealed Enclosures to lock out contamination.
9" CRT for clear presentation of prompts, status information and part graphics.
Jog switch for convenient jog at rapid travels.
RS232 Port for interface to computers.
Dual Floppy Disk Drive with one drive accessible for additional part program storage.


Infinite threading range of standard and multilead threads.
Switchable Handwheel Feeds between course and fine.
Canned cycles to make programming easy.  Just choose the geometry and the software guides you through the process of inputting the data.
Choose between the following canned cycles:

  • Position - a single point
  • Drill -  using the carriage and cross slide with pecks
  • Bore - any ID with a standard boring bar
  • Turn - a straight line including diagonals
  • Arc - A fraction of a circle
  • Cycle - automatic roughing out of stock to final shape, includes automatic finish cuts
  • Thread - infinite range of standard ID or OD, may be straight or tapered and up to 10 leads.
  • Repeat - of any previous event(s) with or without offsets

Math Help routines for finding program data gives you access to CAD-like capabilities during programming.
Automatic Cutter Compensation is easy and applies to manual as well as CNC work.
Icon Prompted entry of tool data makes setting tools easy.
Tool Modifications - simple adjustments to the tool offsets to compensate for part deflection and tool wear or to do finish cuts.
Circular Interpolation to machine arcs.
Linear Interpolation to machine diagonals.
Conrad/Chamfer blends straight lines or arcs together in a precise radius or chamfer with one data input.
Incremental and Absolute programming can even be mixed within an event.
Error Messages to identify programming mistakes.
Fault Messages for system self-diagnostics.
Program Downloading from off-line CAD/CAM systems via a modified FANUC 6 post-processor.
Part Graphics to show entire program or tool path, before you machine or during program run.
Software Programmable keys to keep procedures uncomplicated.
Powerfeed routines for smooth cuts along the X or Z axis.
Manual Go To - Dimensions that can be set while working manually and the control will not allow you to go past them.

Rear splash guard
Leveling screws
Coolant pump

Precision tool holders
Steady rest and follow rest
Collet Closer


Used Lathe 1440P 1745P 1840CSS
Height of Centers 7" 8 7/8" 9"
Distance between Centers 40" 45" 40 1/4"
Swing over bed 14" 17 11/16" 18 1/2"
Swing over Saddle Wings 13 3/16" 16 1/8" 17"
Swing over Cross-Slide 7 13/16" 10 15/32" 9"
Cross-Slide Travel 8" 9" 13"
Tool Section Max 3/4" 1" 1"
Coolant 2.5 gal. 4 gal. 13 gal.
Width 10" 12" 14 1/2"
Height 10 1/4" 11 1/2" 13 3/8"
Spindle Nose (Camlock) D1-5 D1-6 D1-6
Spindle through Hole 1 5/8" 2" 2.36"
Spindle Taper 1 deg., 29 min. 15 sec.
Taper in Reduction Sleeve MT-4 MT-4 MT-4
Spindle Dia./Front Bearin 2.76" 3.15" 3.35"
Number of Spindle Speed 18 12 infinitely variable
Spindle Speed Range(RPM) 35-2400 40-2200 50-2500
Quill Travel 5 1/2" 6 1/4" 6 1/4"
Quill Diameter 1 7/8" 2 5/16" 2.95"
Quill Taper Hole MT-3 MT-4 MT-5
HP 2.5/4.5 7.5 10
Volt 220 220/440 220
Amps full load current 22 31/16 36
Phase/Hz 3/60 3/60 3/60
Net inches - l/w/h, lbs 78/33/56/2000 87/36/57/2600 91/53/70/4500
Ship inches - l/w/h, lbs 90/45/62/2225 100/48/63/2850 97/58/72/5170
Coolant Pump Motor .07 HP .07 HP .25 HP
Spindle Motor Brake* Electro-magnetic with adjustable stopping speeds
Way surface hardness 400-450 HB
Gear box lubrication Oil bath with sight level indicator
Emergency Stop Button* 2 - headstock and at tailstock
Safety disconnect For both machine and control at single electrical box
Additional features on the TRL 1840 CSS
Spindle Motor Brake Injection braking
Safety Disconnect Single point disconnect
Emergency Stop Button Located on the boor control panel
Standard   Optional
Rear Splash Guard   Precision Tool Holders
Leveling Screws   Steady Rest
Collant Pump   Follow Rest*
Chuck Guard*   Chuck
Protective Door**   Collet Closer
Worklight**   Tool Indexer Interface**
    Gang Tooling Interface**
* TRAK TRL 1440P and 1745P only
** TRAK 1840 CSS only

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